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About The Consultancy

The Happiness Consultancy began when the co-directors met at a conference and found that they shared a deep interest in the field of positive psychology and an enthusiasm for applying the analyses and evidence from this exciting field to a wide range of personal, community and organisational issues.

The Happiness Consultancy is devoted to maximising the happiness of individuals and organisations in the UK. Its purpose is to teach the relevant happiness skills to the widest possible range of people of all ages and walks of life.

Both Jan and Neil have worked as trainers for many years. Jan has trained mostly with commercial organisations and Neil has trained mostly in the public sector, notably in health and forensic settings.

Neil is a consultant clinical psychologist who has found positive psychology to be highly beneficial in his work with clients and now wishes to fully explore the potential of this approach for enhancing the well-being of individuals, couples, communities and organisations. For the past ten years, Neil has had a special interest in enhancing well-being, and he has increasingly drawn upon research from the field of positive psychology to devise a range of intervention techniques and strategies to increase the happiness, well-being and morale of individuals and organisations. Neil is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the author of several books. He has worked as a clinician, educator and professional trainer for many years. In 2003 he devised a book prescription scheme for mental health which has been widely emulated throughout the UK and is now a government-funded national scheme in Wales. In 2004 he embarked on ‘something completely different’ and appeared as a stand-up comedian for 16 nights at the Edinburgh Fringe. Neil can be reached on 029 2076 4611 or

As well as being a highly successful businesswoman in her own right, Jan has a background in a communications consulting and has provided consultancy to many large organisations. She also has a long-term interest in personal development and coaching. Jan found that her studies in psychology, especially positive psychology, offered powerful new ways of understanding how people can get the best out of life and how organisations can thrive through helping employees to realise their full potential.

Together, Jan and Neil are able offer a wide range of services involving the application of positive psychology. These include group-based personal development, intensive well-being booster days (typically, delivered within organisations, to up to 50 employees at a time) and a full range of management consultancy services. All of the work involves intensive high-quality interventions based on the latest theory and research from the field of positive psychology.

The Happiness Consultancy prides itself on the quality of the training and consultancy it offers. In keeping with its name, its mission and its orientation, The Happiness Consultancy is relentlessly positive, realistically optimistic and resolutely good-humoured in its work. We are influenced in our approach by the evidence that shows the power of positive guidance and the happily contagious effects of energy and enthusiasm.

Both Jan and Neil are passionate in their belief that Positive Psychology provides invaluable insights that can bring about substantial improvements in personal well-being and increased flourishing in organisations and communities. The Happiness Consultancy translates this potential into real benefits, real enhancement and real positive change.