Simple, easy acts of kindness

  • Smile and say hello to an old person – you may be the only person they see or speak to that day.
  • If a friend seems to want to talk, give your full attention and simply listen.
  • Give more time to a friend you feel you have recently neglected.
  • Offer to help someone struggling with a suitcase or something else heavy.
  • Keep supporting people who have lost someone with phone calls, cards and even food as they may feel too down to prepare something warm to eat.
  • Say something nice to someone you meet.
  • Give blood.
  • Pat someone on the back.
  • Hug a friend.
  • Give another driver ‘your’ parking space.
  • Leave a note of thanks for a delivery person or postman.
  • Thank the person who sweeps the pavements around your home.
  • Pick up a discarded drinks can or sandwich package that is littering a beautiful place.
  • Tell a bus or taxi driver how much you appreciate their driving.
  • Open the door for another person.
  • Let the person behind you in a shop go ahead of you in the queue.
  • When drivers try to merge into your lane, let them in with a wave and a smile.
  • Offer to return a shopping trolley to the shop for someone loading a car.
  • Call someone in your family you haven’t rung for a while.
  • Bring flowers to work

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