One-off or occasional kindnesses

These are kind things which are one-offs or best done from time to time – on your own or with another kind friend.

  • If you do something at work others could benefit from, or you have a skill, do it for nothing sometimes as a gift.
  • Go to the supermarket, and fill a basket with tins and packs of good food and drop of at a food bank (
  • Phone an old people’s home or a nursing home and say you have some spare time at the moment. Ask if there is something you could do to help liven up the residents’ normal routine, on a day to arrange in the near future.
  • Take someone you don’t know very well (yet) to dinner – you treat them.
  • Arrange to go to the theatre or a concert with a group of friends and include as a treat someone who is struggling financially.
  • Drop off a lovely bunch of flowers at an old people’s home, a nursing home, a hospitals or a police station. Just say you’re doing a random act of kindness.
  • Give or send a book to a friend on a subject you know they are interested in.
  • Offer a couple of hours of baby-sitting to parents with no strings attached.
  • Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, praising the employee.
  • Drop in to see a neighbour at the weekend before you go shopping and offer to get them something they need.
  • Cook something at home to take into work that people can share.
  • Mow a neighbour’s grass, sweep their path when you do yours or trim their half of the hedge as well as yours.
  • Leave some flowers on the desk of a colleague at work you don’t get on with.
  • Send a treat to a school or children's nursery.
  • Offer to share an umbrella when standing in the rain.
  • Rather than leaving it to Christmas or the end of the year, write notes of appreciation and bring flowers or something you have made to teachers or others at school, such as the nurse/matron and secretary.
  • Plant flowers in your neighbour’s flower box or a communal space.
  • Tell your boss that you think he/she does a good job.
  • Tell your employees how much you appreciate their work.

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